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Hot Stone Therapy

Location: Mumbai
Date posted: 2011 Apr 14
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Hot stone therapy is a kind of massage that uses deep sea rocks which are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy within our body, mind and soul. Stone therapy goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage, and enters deeper dimensions of relaxation, health and well being. However gentle it may seem so, therapists are able to reach ten times deeper during the massage than through the use of mere fingers making it more intense than a regular massage. Stone Therapy is an exclusive ‘vascular gymnastics’ of circulatory system. It improves work of lymphatic and immune systems, normalizes body functions, and assists your body in self healing.
You begin your journey by reclining on a series of flat hot and cool stones, covered by a thick towel, that trace your spine. Your skin welcomes their therapeutic energy like ripples in a pool of water. Within minutes, your body and mind begin to trust and respond to the sensations. Your breathing slows as oils are applied to your skin, the therapist, with hot stones in hands, rhythmically glide across your meridian lines. The waves of heat surprise your senses, quickly converting to bliss. The stones are heated using water with temperature ranging from 120 – 130 degree Fahrenheit. All stones in the basalt set serve different purposes - some are used for the layouts (mainly back layouts), palm rest stones, 7 Chakra stones are for bringing balance to Chakra centers, others are used in massage. It is believed that the combination of warmth and cool treatment encourages the body to relax, detox and heal.
The strokes of warm stones feel like loving mother’s hands - soothing and caressing. Mother Earth caresses you herself - basalt stones are from the Mother Earth. Peace takes you over and you embrace it. All the stress and the negative realities of life are dissipating at that time. You are at peace with yourself and the surrounding world. That’s when you truly regenerate and recover. This is the therapy for today’s over accelerated rhythm of life and subsequent amount of stress people carry on their shoulders and in their hearts. It teaches you how to be yourself again. Feel happy and free.

Landline: 32549763
Cellphone: 9820807915
Email: info4u_ayur[at]yahoo[dotco.in]
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